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The Whiteford Volunteer Fire Company is an organization dedicated to providing quality Fire & Emergency Medical Services to our communities. Our personnel is comprised of approximately 70 active volunteer firefighter/EMT's. Our primary area protects a population of 6500 that covers 33 square miles of vast rural and historic district.

The Whiteford VFC is dedicated to serving the citizens of Whiteford, Cardiff, Pylesville and Street areas. We also provide mutual aid to the surrounding Mason-Dixon line communities that include Airville, Bel Air, Darlington, Delta, Fawn Grove, Jarrttesville, Norrisville, Rawlinsville, and Stewartstown.


Whiteford Volunteer Fire Company


Wednesday, August 12, 2015 
Whiteford, MD - At 1614hrs. Whiteford Volunteers were dispatched from an MVC involving a commercial vehicle in the 2600blk. of Whiteford Rd. At 1616hrs. Chief 6, PM6, A691, Safety Officer 6 called en-route, followed by R651 & YC E56-3 at 1622hrs. Dispatch advised responding units that the caller reported an overturn commercial vehicle, with unknown cargo, and driver had self-extricated. Chief 6 then requested a Haz. Mat. box response to the scene. At 1620hrs. units arrived and found a single vehicle accident involving an overturned commercial box truck resting against a utility pole. The cargo was found to be non-hazardous materials. The lone driver was treated by EMS and transported to Upper Chesapeake Medical Center. The Haz. Mat. team off-loaded the fuel from the vehicle for safe recovery efforts. Units cleared at 1813hrs.

Units: C-6,SO-6,PM6,A691,R651,E611,YC E56-3, Haz. Mat. Team

Wednesday, August 5, 2015 
Whiteford, MD - At 2026hrs. Whiteford Volunteers were dispatched for a dwelling fire in the 4400blk. of Prospect Rd. At 2029hrs, C-61 & E612 called en-route and was advised the caller stated the house was on fire. Also, Paramedic 6 reported seeing a large smoke column in area. At 2035hrs. Paramedic 6 arrived and found heavy fire to a 2-1/2 story balloon constructed dwelling. Units arrived and placed several hand-lines into service and established a water supply from a near-by water source. During the incident, both the stairway and roof line collapsed, causing crews to go to defensive operations. Multiple mutual-aid companies responded for additional manpower due to the weather and extensive overhaul operations. MD Fire Marshal is investigating the incident. The American Red Cross is assisting the family. Units cleared at 0251 hrs. Units: C-61,P6,E612,T631,E611,R651,U672,A691,Airville,Bel Air,Delta-Cardiff,Darlington,Fallston,Fawn Grove,Jarrettsville,Level,Norrisville,Stewartstown Thanks to Co.5 for standing-by the station.

Bonaire RD Fire
   Bonaire RD Fire
Monday, July 6, 2015 
The intense storm keep WVFC busy overnight with several calls. E611 & E612 responded to mutual-aid to Jarrettsville VFC who has being dispatched to multiple fire calls. E611 arrived 3rd due engine in the 1200blk of Bonaire Rd. to find a working attic fire to a  2 1/2 story dwelling from a lighting strike. E612 responded to the another lighting strike to a dwelling in the 4500blk of Federal Hill Rd. Crews investigated and found no fire at this location. E612 then transferred to Co. 7 for stand-by. At 2323hrs. WVFC & surrounding companies responded to the 4500blk of Cooper Rd. for a house struck by lighting. Units arrived and found no fire and moderate damage to a bathroom floor from a lighting strike.

 Below is a list of calls during this period.

2239hrs 1400blk Huntfield Way,investigation of unknown type fire to rear of that address.

2241hrs 1200blk Bonaire Road, house struck by lightning. No injuries or serious damage....

2243hrs Steeplechase Drive/Lady Anne Court, working garage fire. Serious damage. No injuries. MSFMO investigating.

2251hrs 1200blk Bonaire Road, working attic fire, serious damage. companies 7, 13, 3, 10, 6. FD cleared at 0138. No injuries. Cause from lightning strike. damage estimated at $100,000.

2256hrs 1200blk Bonaire Road, gas leak from lightning strike. No injuries or serious damage.

2314hrs Old Joppa Road and Whitaker Mill Road, vehicle in high water. no injuries. fire dept cleared quickly.

2323hrs 4300blk Cooper Road, house fire home struck by lightning, odor of smoke in basement, fd clear at 2349. No injuries or serious damage.

2304hrs 3900blk Old Federal Hill Road, house fire smoke inside. No injuries or serious damage.

0112hrs 1300blk Carrs Mill Road, vehicle in high water on CM off Vale. handled by HCSO, person refused assistance.

BOX 602 - MVC w/Rescue -3 FLYOUTS
Sunday, June 21, 2015 
Whiteford, MD - At 2009hrs. Whiteford Volunteers were dispatched for a motor vehicle accident w/rescue in the 2200blk. of Whiteford Rd. near the Whiteford American Legion. At 2010hrs. Chief 6, A691, PM 6 called en-route and was advised by Dispatch of callers reporting a serious accident with persons trapped. At 2012hrs. Chief 6 arrived and found a two vehicle head-on collision with 4 patients and one occupant still trapped. Command then requested an EMS Task Force assignment which brought EMS units from Delta-Cardiff, Darlington, Havre de Grace, & Fawn Grove to the scene. Both R651 & T631 then arrived and the crews utilized the Hurst Jaws-of-Life tools to extricated the trapped patient in 12 mins.  and assisted with patient care. Command then requested two medi-vacs after EMS assessment determined that 3 patients would be flown by medi-vac to Shock Trauma. An engine from Delta-Cardiff responded to the Whiteford Heli-pad to secure the landing zone. Two patients were flown from the Whiteford Heli-pad, one patient was flown from the Joppa heli-pad, and one patient was transported by ground to UCMC. Units cleared at 2129hrs.

Units: C6,A691,PM6,R651,T631,A992, U598,YC A57-1,YC A56,YC M95, YC E57-4, MSP Troopers 1 & 3

Saturday, June 13, 2015 
Street, MD - At 2055hrs. Whiteford Volunteers were dispatched for motor vehicle accident with rescue in the 3700blk of Grier Nursery Rd. At 2057hrs. Deputy Chief 6,PM-6,M692 called en-route and were advised that several callers were reporting a 2 vehicle head-on collision with multiple people trapped. DC-6 then requested 2 additional medic units, next due rescue unit, & 2 additional engines for manpower to the scene. This brought medic/ engine from Bel Air, medic/rescue from Darlington, medic unit from York Co. Delta-Cardiff, and engine from Jarrettsville VFC's. At 2102hrs. units arrived and confirmed 3 of the 4 occupants entrapped in both vehicles. Command then requested 2 medi-vacs to the scene. Crews utilized the Jaws-of-Life tools and numerous other hydraulic tools and were able to extricate all patients in about 40 minutes. Three patients were taken by MSP medi-vac Troopers 1 & 3 and one by M692 to local trauma centers. Units cleared at 2356hrs. Units: DC-6,PM-6,M682,R651,U671,U672,YC M57-1,R951,M992,E311,M394,E714, MSP Troopers 1 & 3

L-R: District D Councilman Chad Schrodes, Hall of Fame Inductee FF Jimmy Williams, Top Responder FF Larry Holbrook, & President Donald Galbreath
   L-R: District D Councilman Chad
      Schrodes, Hall of Fame Inductee FF Jimmy
      Williams, Top Responder FF Larry
      Holbrook, & President Donald Galbreath
Saturday, May 30, 2015 
About a 100 people attended the Whiteford VFC annual banquet held at the Whiteford American Legion. After the ceremony, the membership enjoyed music & dance portion.

A special thank you to Airville VFC & Bel Air Paramedic Paul Chizmar for standing-by and allowing the members to enjoy the evening.

Top Fire responders: Larry Holbrook, Ronnie Barben, Janet Holbrook, Drew Pritt, Joe Davis, Lance Cooper, Zack Adams, Brad Griffin, Dan Lemmon, Steven Barben

Top EMS Responder: Drew Pritt, Janet Holbrook, Joe Davis, Zack Adams, Brad Griffin, Kyle Harrington, Larry Holbrook, Jason Mills, Sarah Hinchy, Wes Roberts.

Harford/Cecil Hall of Fame Inductee: James Williams for 49 years of service.

Proclamation Citation Award: Larry Holbrook for 12 years as serving as Company President.

Sunday, April 12, 2015 
The WVFC Recruitment Open House held on Sunday, April 12th was a huge success. Over 100+ people attended the event and learned about joining the fire company. There were several displays for the public to view and participate in. The biggest attraction was the Backdraft monster truck. WVFC wishes to thank the following businesses for sponsoring the appearance of the monster truck;  Backyard Boys Inc, Country Store @ Backyard Boys, Inc, Buon Gusto, Atlantic Tractor, Saubel's Markets, & Whiteford Packing Company. We like to thank the community for stopping by and their continuous support. A special thank you to Fawn Grove VFC, Susquehanna Hose Co., Harford County TRT & Haz. Mat teams, & PPES company for providing their displays. Thanks to photographer Tammy Hutchins for taking pictures of the event.

Monster Truck sponsors:(L) Rick Enfield from Atlantic Tractor & (R) Jim Hutchins-Hutton from Backyard Boys, Inc.
   Monster Truck sponsors:(L) Rick Enfield
      from Atlantic Tractor & (R) Jim
      Hutchins-Hutton from Backyard Boys, Inc.
Future Firefighter
   Future Firefighter
Monday, April 6, 2015 
Fawn Grove, PA - At 1319hrs. Whiteford Volunteers were dispatched for SU688 (Gator) & E611 mutual-aid to York Co. Sta.56 (Fawn Grove) for a woods fire in the 600blk. of Torbert Rd. At 1436hrs. Co. 6 units called en-route and arrived at 1446hrs. Crews found a working fire to approx. 4-5 acres of woods and were assigned to fire control. Crew assisted with fire extinguishment and mop-up operations. Units cleared at 1637hrs.

Units: C-61,E611,SU688,U671 

Sunday, April 5, 2015 
Street, MD - At 1526hrs. Whiteford Volunteers were dispatched for both engines & truck for a dwelling fire in the 3700blk  Peach Orchard Rd. At 1527hrs. Chief 6 called en-route and was advised that caller reported a woods fire that extended to a dwelling. Chief 6 reported had a large smoke column from 3 miles out and requested a brush assignment. At 1531hrs. U671,SU688,E611,641 called en-route. At 1533hrs. Chief 6 arrived and reported 3 separate working woods fires, 2 sheds fire, and side D of a dwelling involved. Command requested the additional brush unit and tanker to the scene. At 1534hrs. E913 arrived and laid a 4" supply line to the scene. The crew then deployed 2 - 1-3/4 hand lines into service and quickly knocked the dwelling and sheds fires. The crew then controlled the woods fire until additional units arrived. Additional crews arrived and quickly extinguished all fires. Units cleared at 1648hrs. 

Units: C-6,E611,B641,U671,SU688 

E913 with attack
   E913 with attack
   Side "D"
Sunday, April 5, 2015 
Pylesville, MD - At 1150hrs. Whiteford Volunteers were dispatched for SU688 (Gator) mutual-aid to Co. 10 (Norrisville) for a woods fire in the 2000blk. Eden Mill Rd. At 1150hrs. U671 & SU688 called en-route and monitored Co. 10 units on scene of a large working woods fire. This area is very rough and steep terrain and access is mainly by foot. At 1152hrs. E611 was dispatched to the scene. At 1205hrs. SU688 arrived and was assigned to fire suppression. At 1215hrs. E611 arrived and the crew was assigned to mop up operations. Units cleared at 1358hrs.

Units: U671,SU688,E611 

Special Appearance Backdraft Monster Fire Truck
Wednesday, April 1, 2015 
The Whiteford Volunteer Fire Company is participating in the Maryland Statewide National Volunteer Appreciation Week in April 2015. Our open house is on Sunday, April 12th. 2015, from 11am to 4pm. at the firehouse, located at 1407 Pylesville Rd. Whiteford, MD 21160. This opportunity allows us to invite the public to learn how they can join and participate as a responder or as an administrative member of the company. There will be inter-active simulators for the public to participate first-hand of what a volunteer experiences. We will have apparatus & equipment displays, activities, hand-outs, and members to answer questions. Refreshments will be provided.

Saturday, March 28, 2015 
Darlington, MD - At 2022hrs. Whiteford Volunteers were dispatched for engine & truck mutual-aid to Co. 9 (Darlington) first due for a dwelling fire in the 1600blk of Castleton Rd. At 2026hrs. Chief 6 & E611 called en-route and monitored first arriving Co. 9 unit reporting fire showing on a 2 story dwelling. Crews found an attach pump house fully involved to the rear of the dwelling and made a quick knock of the fire. Crews then checked for extension and found nothing further. Units cleared at 2134hrs.

Units: C-6,E611

Thursday, March 26, 2015 
Fawn Grove Boro - At 1558hrs. Whiteford Volunteers were dispatched for engine & truck mutual-aid to York Co. Sta. 56 first due for a dwelling fire in the unit block of Market St. At 1604hrs. T631 & E611 called en-route and monitored Sta. 56 units arriving and reporting a working fire to a 2 1/2 story dwelling. Command then requested a 2nd alarm & tanker task force. At 1617hrs. E612 was dispatched for the 2nd alarm assignment. At 1635hrs. Co. 6 units arrived and crews began ventilation and fire attack operations. Sta. 56 crews put a quick knock on the fire and crews then assisted with overhaul operations. Units cleared at 1742hrs.

Thanks to Level VFC for station coverage.

Units:  E611,E612,T631

WVFC photo
   WVFC photo
Photo by T. Hutchins
   Photo by T. Hutchins
Tuesday, March 24, 2015 
Whiteford, MD - At 1739hrs. Whiteford Volunteers were dispatch for a MVA w/Rescue at the intersection of Whiteford & Prospect roads. At 1742hrs. Chief 6, A691, & R651 called en-route, followed by T631 at 1750hrs. At 1744hrs. Chief 6 arrived and found a 2 vehicles off the roadway and one on its side. One occupant was found confined inside the overturned vehicle and the second occupant had self-extricated. Units arrived and crews extricated the one occupant thru the back window in about 5mins. One occupant was transported to UCMC and the second occupant refused medical treatment. Units cleared 18321hrs.

Units: C-6,R651,A691,T631,A991

Friday, February 13, 2015 
Lower Chanceford Township, PA - At 1407hrs. Whiteford Volunteers were alerted special request for R651 mutual-aid to York Co. Sta. 55 (Airville) for a motor vehicle accident with rescue at the intersection of Bridgeton & Pine HIll roads. At 1409hrs. R651 & U671 called en-route and arrived at 1453hrs. Units arrived and found an overturned tractor & trailer resting in a ditch and the driver heavily entrapped. Crews patiently began extrication operations to the cab utilizing all cribbing & stabilization equipment, all hydraulic, air, & portable tools, to free the driver in about 50mins. The driver was place in the care of EMS and transported to a local trauma center by medi-vac. Units cleared at 1537hrs.

Units: R651, U671      

Photos courtesy of Airville VFC
   Photos courtesy of Airville VFC
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