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The Whiteford Volunteer Fire Company is an organization dedicated to providing quality Fire & Emergency Medical Services to our communities. Our personnel is comprised of approximately 70 active volunteer firefighter/EMT's. Our primary area protects a population of 6500 that covers 33 square miles of vast rural and historic district.

The Whiteford VFC is dedicated to serving the citizens of Whiteford, Cardiff, Pylesville and Street areas. We also provide mutual aid to the surrounding Mason-Dixon line communities that include Airville, Bel Air, Darlington, Delta, Fawn Grove, Jarrttesville, Norrisville, Rawlinsville, and Stewartstown.


Whiteford Volunteer Fire Company


Thursday, March 26, 2015 
Fawn Grove Boro - At 1558hrs. Whiteford Volunteers were dispatched for engine & truck mutual-aid to York Co. Sta. 56 first due for a dwelling fire in the unit block of Market St. At 1604hrs. T631 & E611 called en-route and monitored Sta. 56 units arriving and reporting a working fire to a 2 1/2 story dwelling. Command then requested a 2nd alarm & tanker task force. At 1617hrs. E612 was dispatched for the 2nd alarm assignment. At 1635hrs. Co. 6 units arrived and crews began ventilation and fire attack operations. Sta. 56 crews put a quick knock on the fire and crews then assisted with overhaul operations. Units cleared at 1742hrs.

Thanks to Level VFC for station coverage.

Units:  E611,E612,T631

WVFC photo
   WVFC photo
Photo by T. Hutchins
   Photo by T. Hutchins
Tuesday, March 24, 2015 
Whiteford, MD - At 1739hrs. Whiteford Volunteers were dispatch for a MVA w/Rescue at the intersection of Whiteford & Prospect roads. At 1742hrs. Chief 6, A691, & R651 called en-route, followed by T631 at 1750hrs. At 1744hrs. Chief 6 arrived and found a 2 vehicles off the roadway and one on its side. One occupant was found confined inside the overturned vehicle and the second occupant had self-extricated. Units arrived and crews extricated the one occupant thru the back window in about 5mins. One occupant was transported to UCMC and the second occupant refused medical treatment. Units cleared 18321hrs.

Units: C-6,R651,A691,T631,A991

Friday, February 13, 2015 
Lower Chanceford Township, PA - At 1407hrs. Whiteford Volunteers were alerted special request for R651 mutual-aid to York Co. Sta. 55 (Airville) for a motor vehicle accident with rescue at the intersection of Bridgeton & Pine HIll roads. At 1409hrs. R651 & U671 called en-route and arrived at 1453hrs. Units arrived and found an overturned tractor & trailer resting in a ditch and the driver heavily entrapped. Crews patiently began extrication operations to the cab utilizing all cribbing & stabilization equipment, all hydraulic, air, & portable tools, to free the driver in about 50mins. The driver was place in the care of EMS and transported to a local trauma center by medi-vac. Units cleared at 1537hrs.

Units: R651, U671      

Photos courtesy of Airville VFC
   Photos courtesy of Airville VFC
Sunday, February 1, 2015 
New Park, PA - At 2227hrs. Whiteford Volunteers were dispatched for T631 mutual-aid to York Co. 56 (Fawn Grove) first due for a dwelling fire in the 600blk. of New Park Rd. At 2236hrs. T631 called en-route and monitored 56 units reporting a working chimney fire with extension into the walls. At 2239hrs. E611 was dispatched as part of the working fire assignment. Sta. 56 crews were able to open the walls and quickly knock the fire before further damage occurred. Co. 6 units arrived and assistance with fire and overhaul operations. Units cleared at 2348hrs.

Units: T631,E611

Sunday, February 1, 2015 
Whiteford, MD At 1807hrs. Whiteford Volunteers were dispatched for a chimney fire in the 4500blk. of Greaceton Rd. At 1814hrs. Safety 6 arrived and reported fire was out. At 1815hrs. Chief 6 & E612 called en-route and arrived at 1819hrs. Crews found a minor fire and able to clean the flue. Units cleared at 1846hrs.

Units: C6, E612, E57-3, E1011

Sunday, February 1, 2015 
Lower Chanceford Township, PA - At 2332hrs. Whiteford Volunteers were dispatched mutual-aid to York Co. Sta. 55 (Airville) first due for a dwelling fire in the 4200blk of Delta Rd. At 2338hrs. Chief 6 & T631 called en-route and monitored Sta. 55 units arriving on location with a working fire. At rs. E611 was disptached for the working fire assignment. At 2349hrs. Co. 6 units arrived and found a 2.5 story duplex (converted into apartments) with heavy fire & smoke from 2nd. floor. All residents had been evacuated prior to arrival.T631 crew was split and positioned the truck to vent the roof. E611 crew assisted with interior operations and overhaul. The fire was placed under control at 0115hrs. and crews assisted with extensive overhaul operations. Units cleared at 0255hrs.

Thanks to Jarrettsville & Susquehanna Hose Companies for standing by at the station.

Units: C6, T631, E611

Photo credit: Airville VFC
   Photo credit: Airville VFC
BOX 1011 - BARN FIRE - 2A
Friday, January 30, 2015 
Norrisville, MD - At 1330hrs. Whiteford Volunteers were dispatch for engine & truck mutual-aid to Co. 10 (Norrisville) first due for a barn fire in the 5100blk. of Jolly Acres Rd. At 1334hrs. Chief 6, T631, E611 called en-route and observed a large smoke plume several miles away. Co. 10 units arrived and found a fully involved 75x25 utility barn and requested a 2nd. alarm. At 1356hrs. Co. 6 units arrived and assisted with fire suppression and overhaul operations. Several explosions occurred during the fire attack from unknown material which hampered the defensive attack.The fire was placed under control at 1501hrs. Units cleared at 1653hrs.

Units: C6,T631,E611

Photo credit: Austin Ensor
   Photo credit: Austin Ensor
Wednesday, January 14, 2015 
Forest Hill, MD - At 1553hrs. Whiteford Volunteers were dispatched for a engine mutual-aid to Co. 3 (Bel Air) first due for a dwelling fire in the 1200blk. of Walters Mill Rd. At 1602hrs. E612 called en-route and monitored radio transmissions that the caller advise of heavy smoke coming from a house. At 1603hrs. Chief 3 arrived and reported a working fire to a 2 story wood frame dwelling and add the working fire dispatch, which added E611 to the assignment. Both engines arrived and assistance with fire suppression operations. At 1646hrs. T631 was dispatched to the scene for additional manpower. Crews then assisted with overhaul operations before clearing at 1804hrs.

Thanks to Co. 7 for the stand-by engine.

Units: E611,E612,T631

Tuesday, January 13, 2015 
Whiteford, MD - At 0724hrs. Whiteford Volunteers were dispatched to the intersection of Rt.136 & Rt.165 for a vehicle fire. At 0730hrs. Chief 6 called enroute, with Dispatch advising the caller reported a vehicle fire that was loaded on a rollback tow truck. At 0733hrs. Chief 6 arrived and found a fully involved van that had been unloaded from the tow truck. At 0734hrs. E612 arrived and deployed the trash line and extinguished the fire in about 15mins. Units cleared at 0812hrs.

Units: C6,E612,E611,YC E57-3 

Thursday, January 8, 2015 
Fallston, MD - It is with sadness that the Fallston Volunteer Fire Company announce the death of Past President & Life member John C. Behrman on January 7th, 2014.

Go to for details on arrangements.

The Whiteford Vol. Fire Co. Officers & members send our thoughts & prayers to Behrman family and our brothers & sisters of Fallston VFC.   

Tuesday, January 6, 2015 
The Whiteford Volunteer Fire Company held their 2015 elections with the following results:

Re-elected Officers

Treasurer - Chuck Mohr

Newly Elected Officers

Board Members (2yrs) - Dan Lemmon & Tina Barben

Fire Captain - Drew Pritt

Fire Lieutenant - Kyle Harrington

EMS Lieutenants - Lindsay Leedy & Jason Mills

Appointed Officers

President - Donald Galbreath

Vice President - Josh Schueler

Secretary - Kathy Monath 

Fire Chief - Frank Krick

Deputy Fire Chief - John Williamson, Sr.

Assistant Fire Chief - Chris Shay

Assistant EMS Chief - Diane Flint 

Fire Captain - Joe Davis

EMS Captain - Deanna Wiseman

Fire Lieutenant - Jon Wright  

Tuesday, January 6, 2015 
Bel Air, MD - It is with great sadness that the Bel Air Volunteer Fire Company announce the LODD of Firefighter/Paramedic Erik Steciak, 29, as a result of injuries from an accident. The Whiteford VFC Officers and members send our thoughts & prayers to Erik's family, friends, and brothers & sisters of both the Bel Air and West Friendship (Howard Co. MD) volunteer fire companies.

Go to for more details and future arrangements.

Saturday, November 22, 2014 
Whiteford, MD - At 1751hrs. Whiteford Volunteers were dispatched to the 1500blk. of Dooley Rd. for a Dwelling Fire. At 1751hrs. E612 called en-route was advised by Dispatch that the caller only stated house was on fire. At 1754hrs. E612 arrived and found a working shed fire with exposure to the dwelling. The crew immediately deployed the front bumper line and quickly knocked the fire. At 1756hrs. Command then placed the fire under control and reduced the assignment to 3 engines. No fire extension was found to the dwelling. Units cleared at 2105hrs. Units: C6-1,E612,Bel Air,Darlington, Jarrettsville,Norrisville,Delta-Cardiff,Fawn Grove VFC's

Thursday, October 30, 2014 
Lancaster Co.PA - WVFC Truck 631 participated with the LODD funeral services for Robert Fulton Firefighter Christi Rodgers 26, who passed away after becoming ill when responding to a fire call. FF Rogers leaves behind her husband, James, and one month old son, Connor. FF Rodgers was a 10 year member of the Robert Fulton Fire Company and a past member of the Rawlinsville Fire Company.The entire membership of the Whiteford Vol. Fire Co. send our condolences to the Rodgers family & friends and to our brothers & sisters of both the Rawlinsville & Robert Fulton Fire Companies. A fund to benefit Roger's infant son has been started. Anyone wishing to donate to the Connor P. Rogers Benefit Fund can do so through any Fulton Bank.

Sunday, October 19, 2014 
Street,MD - At 1555hrs. Whiteford Volunteers were dispatched for an MVA w/Rescue in the 3900blk. of Street Rd. At 1557hrs, PM6, A692, called en-route followed by R651 at 1601hrs. Dispatch advised responding units that caller reporting a single vehicle accident and the driver was trapped. At 1601hrs. PM6 & A692 arrived and found a single vehicle had run off the roadway and collided with a utility pole. The EMS crew found the lone driver not trapped, however, requested the medi-vac due to the serious injuries. At 1606hrs. E611 responded to handle the landing zone at the Highland Park. The patient was then transferred to the medi-vac and transported to Shock Trauma. Units cleared at 1731hrs. Units: PM6,A692,R651,E611

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