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The Whiteford Volunteer Fire Company is an organization dedicated to providing quality Fire & Emergency Medical Services to our communities. Our personnel is comprised of approximately 70 active volunteer firefighter/EMT's. Our primary area protects a population of 6500 that covers 33 square miles of vast rural and historic district.

The Whiteford VFC is dedicated to serving the citizens of Whiteford, Cardiff, Pylesville and Street areas. We also provide mutual aid to the surrounding Mason-Dixon line communities that include Airville, Bel Air, Darlington, Delta, Fawn Grove, Jarrttesville, Norrisville, Rawlinsville, and Stewartstown.


Whiteford Volunteer Fire Company


Monday, January 25, 2016 
 WVFC had prepared equipment and supplies for this event. During the storm, WVFC responded to the below listed incidents:

1/22/16 - 1641hrs.- Dwelling Fire - 1500blk. Main St. - Ashes in plastic bucket which burned and extended into the house frame. Crews made access and quickly extinguished fire.

1/22/16 - 1706hrs.-  EMS Call - 1600blk. Kerr Rd - EMS unit assisted by utility unit w/plow

1/23/16 - 1000hrs. - EMS Call - 3700blk. Grier Nursery Rd- EMS unit assisted by utility unit w/plow.

1/23/16 - 1412hrs. - Motor Vehicle Accident - Rts. 136 & 165 - units cancelled by Harford Co. Sheriff's Office.

1/23/16 - 1654hrs. - EMS Call - EMS Call - 1100blk. Ridge Rd - EMS Unit assisted by Utility w/plow.

1/24/16 - 0014hrs. - EMS Call - 3700blk. Grier Nursery Rd. - EMS Unit assisted by Utility w/plow.

1/24/16 - 0448hrs. - EMS Call - 1800blk. Susquehanna Hall Rd. - EMS unit assisted by Utility w/plow.

All these calls were challenging and the company was prepared to provide the emergency services required by our communities.

Monday, January 25, 2016 
Darlington, MD - At 1607hrs. Whiteford Volunteers were dispatched for engine and truck mutual-aid to Co. 9 (Darlington) first due for a dwelling fire in the 4000blk. of Conowingo Rd. At 1612hrs. Chief 6, T631, & E611 called en-route and was advised caller reporting flames and smoke were visible from the basement. At 1618hrs. E913 & Chief 6 arrived to found heavy smoke to a 1-1/2 story wood frame dwelling. Chief 6 assumed the command and requested a working fire dispatch. Crews found the fire in the basement and conducted an extensive interior attack which extended to the first floor. Crews were able to bring the fire under control at 1719hrs. The fire displaced 9 family member which are being assisted by the Red Cross. Unfortunately, several pets inside had succumb to the fire, Units cleared at 1909hrs.

Units: C-6,E611,T631

Saturday, January 16, 2016 
Whiteford,MD - Whiteford Volunteer Fire Company, Inc. EMS personnel along with EMS Foundation employees received a world of thanks today from the Buecker family. On November 15, 2015 just after midnight they were dispatched out for a fall patient. Upon arrival Mrs. Grace Buecker's son met EMS personnel in the driveway, directed them to the house, then he collapsed in the driveway. The crew immediately assessed Mr. Buecker and found he was in cardiac arrest. They immediately began CPR and Advanced Life Support interventions which re-established breathing and a pulse. Mr. Buecker regained consciousness enroute to the hospital and was alert and talking when they arrived. The original call for Mr. Buecker's mother, Grace Buecker, was handled by Jarrettsville Volunteer Fire Company. The family presented the company with a $100.00 donation. Congratulations to the EMS crew EMT Ben Becker, Paramedic Mark Hagley, firefighter Donald Galbreath and Brock Flahart.

Brock Flahart (WVFC), EMT Ben Becker, Heather Buecker (wife of Mr. Buecker), Fredinand Buecker, Paramedic Mark Hagley, Grace Buecker
   Brock Flahart (WVFC), EMT Ben Becker,
      Heather Buecker (wife of Mr. Buecker),
      Fredinand Buecker, Paramedic Mark
      Hagley, Grace Buecker
Wednesday, November 25, 2015 
Pylesville, MD - At 1121 hours Whiteford Volunteers were dispatched for a dwelling fire in the 3900 block of Ady Rd. At 1124 hours E612 & Chief 6 called en-route and was advised the caller reported a chimney fire with extension. At 1127 hours E612 arrived and found fire in the wall of a 2-story dwelling. Crews made quick access to the 1st. floor wall where the woodstove and chimney were attached. A checked for additional fire extension to the second floor was conducted, with nothing found. Crews had to open up the wall behind the chimney and basement floor area to access the fire in the chimney clean-out area. The fire was placed under control at 1146 hours.  The Red Cross was notified to assist the family. Units cleared at 1244 hours.

Units: C-6,E612,E611,R651,A692,Bel Air, Delta-Cardiff, Fawn Grove VFC's 

Wednesday, November 4, 2015 
Forest Hill, MD -  At 1451hrs. Whiteford Volunteers were dispatched for both engines and the gator mutual-aid to Co. 3 (Bel Air) first due for a field fire in the area of Rt. 543 & Slade Rd.  Co. 3 units were on-scene with a several separate large field fires that was spread by farm equipment being on fire. At 1515hrs. Co. 6 units arrived and began extinguishing the fire. At 1552hrs. Command reported fire under control with extensive mop-up to hot spots involving about 15 acres. Units cleared at 1629hrs.

Go to for more details.

Units: E611,E612,U671,SU688

Tuesday, November 3, 2015 
Pylesville, MD - At 1424hrs. Whiteford Volunteers were dispatched for a field fire in the 4200blk. of Graceton Rd. At 1433hrs. Safety Officer 6 arrived and found a down electric pole that caused a working fire involving about 1 -1/2 acres of a corn field. Command then requested brush units from York Co. Sta. 56 & 56 for assistance. The crews were able to quickly control the fire that involved about 3 acres in about 25 mins.  Units cleared at 1536hrs.

Units: SO-6,E611,YC B56, B57,E57-4

Kaitlyn & Ella Schueler
   Kaitlyn & Ella Schueler
Sunday, November 1, 2015 
Level, MD - The WVFC is proud to announce the crowning of Kaitlyn Schueler as the 2016 Harford County Junior Miss Fire Prevention and her younger sister, Ella Schueler as the 2016 Harford County Little Miss Fire Prevention. Both represented the WVFC in the Harford County Miss Fire Prevention pageant that was held at the Level VFC. 

The WVFC is extremely proud of Kaitlyn and Ella and look forward in supporting them in 2016.

Friday, October 30, 2015 
Street, MD - At 1201hrs. Whiteford Volunteers were dispatched for an engine & truck mutual-aid to Co. 9 (Darlington) first due for a dwelling fire in the 3500blk of Mill Green Rd. At 1203hrs. E611 called en-route, followed by T631 at 1206hrs. Dispatch advised responding units that the caller reported flames & smoke were visible from the dwelling. At 1208hrs. Co. 9 units arrived and reported fire showing from a 2 story dwelling. At 1212hrs. Co. 6 units arrived and assisted with interior & roof operations. At1238hrs. Command reported fire was knocked with extensive overhaul. Crews then assisted with overhaul operations. Units cleared at 1415hrs.  

Units: E611,T631

Photo credit - J. Scarborough
   Photo credit - J. Scarborough
Saturday, September 19, 2015 
Peach Bottom Township, PA - At 1534hrs. Whiteford Volunteers were dispatched for 2 engines & the truck mutual-aid to York Co. Sta. 57 first due for a dwelling fire in the unit block of September Lane. At 1541hrs. E612 & T631 called en-route and arrived first-in at 1544hrs. Crews found a working bedroom fire in one-story modular home that was being held in check by the homeowner with a garden hose. E612 crew deployed a 1-3/4 attack line and quickly extinguished the fire in the master bedroom. Crews then assisted with overhaul operations. Units cleared at 1706hrs.

Units: E612,E611,T631

Friday, September 11, 2015 
Fawn Grove, PA. - On 9/11/15 at 1900 hours,  Whiteford Volunteers attended the 911 ceremony & cadet training at York Co. Sta. 56 (Fawn Grove) station with R651. A 911 ceremony was performed remembering those that give the ultimate sacrifice on September 11, 2001. Afterwards, crews were able to view mutual-aid apparatus and participate with the various training. The WVFC thanks CVFC for the invite and fellowship with our mutual-aid companies. Great job by the cadets with this event.

Units: R651

Tuesday, September 8, 2015 
Whiteford, MD - At 1158 hours, Whiteford Volunteers were dispatched to a motor vehicle accident (MVA) at the intersection of Rt. 136 & Heaps Rd. At 1159hrs. Chief 6, M692, Paramedic 6, R651, E611 called en-route and was advised that the caller reporting an accident involving a motorcycle. At 1201 hours, units arrived and found a motorcycle had collided into the rear of a vehicle, ejecting the  motorcycle operator into the opposite traffic lane. The motorcycle operator was then run over by a dump truck that was unable to stop traveling in the opposite direction. The motorcycle operator was found in grave condition, transported to Upper Chesapeake Medical Center,  and later succumbed their injuries. Units cleared at 1425hrs.

Units: C-6,M692,PM-6,R651,E611,B641,U672

The Whiteford VFC membership wishes to express our condolences to the victim's family for their loss.     

Friday, September 4, 2015 
Whiteford, MD - At 0244hrs. Whiteford Volunteers were dispatched to the 3700blk. of Bay Rd. for a dwelling fire. At 0248hrs. Chief 6 & E612 called en-route and was advised caller reporting smoke in a trailer. At 0258hrs. Chief 6 arrived and found heavy smoke to a one story modular home. At 0300hrs. E612 arrived and the crew deployed the front bumper line. The crew found a couch on fire in a back room. The crew quickly extinguished the fire and removed the couch from the residence. Crews then deployed fans for smoke removal.

Units cleared at 0404 hours.

Units: C-6,E612,E611,T631, Bel Air, Darlington, Jarrettsville, Norrisville, Delta-Cardiff, Fawn Grove VFC's.

Thanks to Co. 1 Level for the stand-by crew.  

Wednesday, August 12, 2015 
Whiteford, MD - At 1614hrs. Whiteford Volunteers were dispatched from an MVC involving a commercial vehicle in the 2600blk. of Whiteford Rd. At 1616hrs. Chief 6, PM6, A691, Safety Officer 6 called en-route, followed by R651 & YC E56-3 at 1622hrs. Dispatch advised responding units that the caller reported an overturn commercial vehicle, with unknown cargo, and driver had self-extricated. Chief 6 then requested a Haz. Mat. box response to the scene. At 1620hrs. units arrived and found a single vehicle accident involving an overturned commercial box truck resting against a utility pole. The cargo was found to be non-hazardous materials. The lone driver was treated by EMS and transported to Upper Chesapeake Medical Center. The Haz. Mat. team off-loaded the fuel from the vehicle for safe recovery efforts. Units cleared at 1813hrs.

Units: C-6,SO-6,PM6,A691,R651,E611,YC E56-3, Haz. Mat. Team

Wednesday, August 5, 2015 
Whiteford, MD - At 2026hrs. Whiteford Volunteers were dispatched for a dwelling fire in the 4400blk. of Prospect Rd. At 2029hrs, C-61 & E612 called en-route and was advised the caller stated the house was on fire. Also, Paramedic 6 reported seeing a large smoke column in area. At 2035hrs. Paramedic 6 arrived and found heavy fire to a 2-1/2 story balloon constructed dwelling. Units arrived and placed several hand-lines into service and established a water supply from a near-by water source. During the incident, both the stairway and roof line collapsed, causing crews to go to defensive operations. Multiple mutual-aid companies responded for additional manpower due to the weather and extensive overhaul operations. MD Fire Marshal is investigating the incident. The American Red Cross is assisting the family. Units cleared at 0251 hrs. Units: C-61,P6,E612,T631,E611,R651,U672,A691,Airville,Bel Air,Delta-Cardiff,Darlington,Fallston,Fawn Grove,Jarrettsville,Level,Norrisville,Stewartstown Thanks to Co.5 for standing-by the station.

Bonaire RD Fire
   Bonaire RD Fire
Monday, July 6, 2015 
The intense storm keep WVFC busy overnight with several calls. E611 & E612 responded to mutual-aid to Jarrettsville VFC who has being dispatched to multiple fire calls. E611 arrived 3rd due engine in the 1200blk of Bonaire Rd. to find a working attic fire to a  2 1/2 story dwelling from a lighting strike. E612 responded to the another lighting strike to a dwelling in the 4500blk of Federal Hill Rd. Crews investigated and found no fire at this location. E612 then transferred to Co. 7 for stand-by. At 2323hrs. WVFC & surrounding companies responded to the 4500blk of Cooper Rd. for a house struck by lighting. Units arrived and found no fire and moderate damage to a bathroom floor from a lighting strike.

 Below is a list of calls during this period.

2239hrs 1400blk Huntfield Way,investigation of unknown type fire to rear of that address.

2241hrs 1200blk Bonaire Road, house struck by lightning. No injuries or serious damage....

2243hrs Steeplechase Drive/Lady Anne Court, working garage fire. Serious damage. No injuries. MSFMO investigating.

2251hrs 1200blk Bonaire Road, working attic fire, serious damage. companies 7, 13, 3, 10, 6. FD cleared at 0138. No injuries. Cause from lightning strike. damage estimated at $100,000.

2256hrs 1200blk Bonaire Road, gas leak from lightning strike. No injuries or serious damage.

2314hrs Old Joppa Road and Whitaker Mill Road, vehicle in high water. no injuries. fire dept cleared quickly.

2323hrs 4300blk Cooper Road, house fire home struck by lightning, odor of smoke in basement, fd clear at 2349. No injuries or serious damage.

2304hrs 3900blk Old Federal Hill Road, house fire smoke inside. No injuries or serious damage.

0112hrs 1300blk Carrs Mill Road, vehicle in high water on CM off Vale. handled by HCSO, person refused assistance.

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