Whiteford Volunteer Fire Company

   Brock Flahart (WVFC), EMT Ben Becker, Heather Buecker (wife of Mr. Buecker), Fredinand Buecker, Paramedic Mark Hagley, Grace Buecker
Saturday, January 16, 2016 
Whiteford,MD - Whiteford Volunteer Fire Company, Inc. EMS personnel along with EMS Foundation employees received a world of thanks today from the Buecker family. On November 15, 2015 just after midnight they were dispatched out for a fall patient. Upon arrival Mrs. Grace Buecker's son met EMS personnel in the driveway, directed them to the house, then he collapsed in the driveway. The crew immediately assessed Mr. Buecker and found he was in cardiac arrest. They immediately began CPR and Advanced Life Support interventions which re-established breathing and a pulse. Mr. Buecker regained consciousness enroute to the hospital and was alert and talking when they arrived. The original call for Mr. Buecker's mother, Grace Buecker, was handled by Jarrettsville Volunteer Fire Company. The family presented the company with a $100.00 donation. Congratulations to the EMS crew EMT Ben Becker, Paramedic Mark Hagley, firefighter Donald Galbreath and Brock Flahart.