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BOX 607 – 10-50PI/RESCUE

At 1443hrs. Whiteford Volunteers were dispatched to the intersection of Whiteford Prospect Roads for a MVA wRescue. At 1445hrs. Chief 6 called enroute with Dispatch advising 3 vehicles involved and possibly a Priority 4. Chief 6 then requested a second Medic Unit. At 1447hrs. Chief 6 arrived along with Utility 1099 Co.10 Norrisville that was in the area and found a side impact collision involving 2 of the 3 vehicles. Command confirmed rescue and requested Medi-Vac. At 1447hrs. E613 M691 called enroute and arrived at 1450hrs. At 1456hrs. crews completed the extrication of the Priority 1 single occupant of the Jeep Cherokee. At 1516hrs. crews completed the extrication door pop of the Priority 3 patient in the truck. E611 arrived and secured the LZ for Trooper 1. The Priority 1 patient was flown to Shock Trauma by Trooper 1 with the Priority 3 patient being transported to UCMC by M991 Co. 9 Darlington. Units cleared at 1547hrs.Units C-6C6-2E613E611M691U1099M991C-9