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Pylesville, MD – At 2012 hours, Whiteford VFC, along with EMS units form Jarrettsville and Norrisville VFC’s, were dispatched to the intersection of Rt. 165 (Pylesville Rd) and Graceton Rd for any MVA w/Rescue, involving multiple patients. At 2016 hours, Chief 6, R6,  E612, A7-2, A10-1 called en-route and Dispatch advising that the caller was reporting one subject trapped in vehicle and multiple patients.  At 2021 hours, units arrived and found a two vehicle MVC with one person trapped inside. Crews then utilized the Hurst tools and other stabilizing equipment to extricate the trapped occupant in about 45 minutes. Command then requested MSP aviation to the scene and Norrisville VFC E1011 secured the LZ at the North Harford High School.

The trapped subject was medivac to a trauma center and the passenger was transported by land to York Hospital.

The occupant on the other vehicle were uninjured.

Units Cleared at 2129 hours.